Michael J. De Lazzer is an four-time Emmy Award® winning writer, director, video editor, and photographer.  
His ethos places the story first, above all other consideration.  Whether an image, thought, or narrative-- the intersection between the creative and the technical is the place he is most comfortable. 
Working in high-pressure environments such as newsrooms and live events, managing high-profile location shoots with the most sensitive of subjects, Michael has managed to build a career around crisis management and technical acheivement, while making sure the story doesn't get lost in the fold.
Whether flying to London to cover a Royal Wedding, spending long hours in an edit bay developing new show segments, interviewing a former President, shutting down a city street in Bangkok for a location shoot, directing a 7-camera Katy Perry interview on the roof of Capitol Records, recording a voice over track while racing to the airport, uploading video from the most remote of locations, directing a live multi-camera broadcast of a celebrity funeral, photographing Julia Roberts, or banging out a 2-minute story on deadline-- every image tells a compelling story, and presenting the narrative in an appealing and engaging way is where Michael has made his living. Michael is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Motion Picture Editors Guild.
Michael resides in Studio City, California with his wife Alli, and their two cats Noodles and Mighty Thor and neighborhood strays G.K. and Howlie (don't ask).